JideTech 8MP 20X Absolute Positioning PTZ Security Camera(P2-20X-8MP20)

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JideTech 8MP 20X Absolute Positioning PTZ Security Camera(P2-20X-8MP20)



Main Features

  1. High-Performance Processing Chip and CMOS: High Sensitivity & High Signal-to-noise Processing Chip is MSTAR338Q and SONY IMX415 CMOS.
  2. Resolution Support 8MP (3840*2160) 20fps,6MP,5MP,4MP,3MP 30fps, 2MP 60fps
  3. 265+ /H.265/H.264 and MJPEG Video compression, effectively reducing network bandwidth, Supporting Dual Stream & D1. Supporting 2 streams & mobile phone monitoring.
  4. Support Micro SD card function, support up to 256 GB Micro SD Card, Support PC client to download SD card video.
  5. Support Humanoid Recognition and Humanoid Alarm, Humanoid Recognition to trigger SD card recording, SD card capture, voice alarm, and mobile app message push, the picture is captured, and the current video playback can be accurately positioned.
  6. Support fog function, support WDR, and HDR. Support strong light suppression function.
  7. Support multiple network protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, TCP, ICMP, UDP, ARP, IGMP, SMTP, FTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, UPNP, RTSP, RTMP, etc.
  8. Support static IP, dynamic IP (DHCP), and custom network card (Mac) addresses. Support IE, Google, and Firefox browser
  9. Support Alarm Sound outputs, alarm recording time customization, 20 seconds to 10 minutes can be set.
  10. Support P2P plug-and-play and mobile phone, support mobile phone download and playback SD card recording
  11. Supports custom users and authority management, provide motion detection (area, sensitivity can be set) alarm function
  12. Support ONVIF protocol, Hikvision protocol (does not support AI function)
  13. Support horizontal 360-degree infinite rotation and vertical 95-degree rotation. Rotation speed adjustable from 0.1 to 50 degrees/second
  14. Support 3 groups of light control: infrared short-distance light, infrared long-distance light, and white light, which can realize full-color day and night, full infrared, and other modes.
  15. Support Absolute Positioning (defines the position of a given bounding box from the top and left side margins of the web page. This not only allows objects to be placed in an exact location, it also allows objects to be placed one on top of another)

CGI snapshot URL

Main-stream snapshot URL:http://IP/snapshot.cgi?stream=1&username=admin&password=123456

Sub-stream snapshot URL:http://IP/snapshot.cgi?stream=0&username=admin&password=123456


About RTSP:

The RTSP URL format for AJ series cameras is as follows (assuming the IPC IP is

Main stream: rtsp://admin:123456@

Substream: rtsp://admin:123456@

For the RTSP URL above, if audio is enabled, the stream will contain both video and audio.

If you only need video or audio data, use the following URL:

Main stream pure video: rtsp://admin:123456@

Substream pure video: rtsp://admin:123456@

Audio only: rtsp://admin:123456@