(A959)Jidetech 960P HD USB Auto focus webcam Built-in Microphone

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1. High-end brand COMS high-definition chip, Resolution: 960P(1280*960). Built-in HighPerformance auto focus Lens, Auto-focus can supply a crisp image and crystal-clear video with beauty adjustment.

2. Built-in Digital Microphone and noise reduction microphone, Audio encoding format PCM

3. The 2.0 pure copper transmission line is 1.50 meters long and has a USB connection. Fast image transmission.

4. Using a high-definition five-layer glass special custom lens with Automatic focus, it can be clearly displayed regardless of any angle.

5. Support Mac/ Windows 2000/XP/Windows 7/ Win8/ Win10 with Vista 32-bit or 64 bit, Linux and Android system, Support CC2000, web conference, ICQ, MSN, WeChat, Yahoo Messenger, Zoom and Skype software, etc.

Packing list:

  • 1个*web camera
  • 1个*user manual

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