JideTech Spherical photoelectric high-definition PTZ Security camera(LC006)

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JideTech Spherical photoelectric high-definition PTZ Security camera(LC006)

LC006 series high-definition multi-spectral laser thermal imaging integrated turntable camera adopts a high-performance, low-illumination day and night high-definition camera with a long-focus high-definition lens and laser-assisted lighting, combined with a high-definition camera that is not affected by bad weather environments such as fog and haze The thermal imaging system uses a combination of scientific methods to meet the needs of 24-hour all-weather monitoring in any weather. Laser night vision monitoring can reach 3-5KM, thermal imaging detection range is 3-10KM, and daytime monitoring can reach 8-10KM.


Lens Feature:
1.The lens has an auto-focus function to avoid tedious fine-tuning operations.
2. Automatic color to black function to achieve all-weather monitoring mode of color during the day and black and white at night
3.High-definition fog penetration, preset function
4.Highly coaxial
5.Lens magnification is linked to laser irradiation angle

Laser feature:
1.Automatic light source zoom function, lens, turntable, laser synchronized zoom and preset position functions make operation simpler and smarter
2.GPl photosensitive automatic control function, when the laser is turned on, the camera is locked to the black and white mode that can sense the laser
3.Using Gaopule laser beam reforming technology, the beam quality is good, the spot is uniform and the laser density is high
4. Patented laser mirror technology, laser utilization rate is as high as 97%, avoiding laser light source expense
5. Lens magnification is linked to laser irradiation angle

Thermal imaging features:
1.Fixed focus and continuous zoom optional
2.Temperature sensing imaging, clear imaging, can search for targets in a wide range, and can identify long-distance targets
3.Imaging device polysilicon and vanadium oxide optional
4.Temperature measurement alarm function optional
5.Image detail enhancement, black hotwhite hot/various pseudo-color conversions

Turntable features:
Maximum load:60KG
Pan rotation angle:0~360° endless rotation
Tilt rotation angle: -45°~ +45°
Pan manual speed control:0.1°~40°/S
Tilt manual speed control:0.1°~40°/S
Cruise function: 9 cruise lines
Repeatability: s0.1°
3D Positioning frame selection magnification: Supported
Lens control: standard decoding board,information return
Wiper: support
Preset position:256
Power supply range: AC220V/DC48V
Power: s200W
way ofcommunication: RS485
Other functions: network/analog output optional, automatic cruise line, 360-degree step scan. 360-degree horizontal scan, AB two-point scan, apple peel function, pattern scan, watch position function, lens magnification and pan/tilt speed linkage, angle Postback function.
Customized functions: laser ranging, electronic gyroscope, radar access, automatic tracking system access

control mode:
Remote control of cameras and turntables via RS485/TCP/lP signals

Multiple protection:
With multiple protection functions such as overheating, overcurrent, and overvoltage
Intelligent temperature control system, waterproof and heat dissipation design ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment

Oil fields, oil depots, oil pipeline surveillance, border and coastal defense, border surveillance, waterway and river surveillance, maritime search and rescue, islands and coasts, ship navigation, military bases, maritime aquaculture, fishery law enforcement management, ports and terminals, and lakes, seawalls and embankments Surveillance, flood control command, forest fire prevention, scenic nature reserve monitoring, animal and plant protection, urban high point/highaltitude observation monitoring, safe city, cultural relic protection, urban environmental protection monitoring, water conservancy and electricity, factories, mines, labor camps, prisons, bridges and tunnels Surveillance, railways, highways, airport security, trains and locomotives and other places that require medium and long-range night vision monitoring.