(KG-9268-TB)2 million thermal imaging temperature measurement camera



1、Thermal imaging temperature measurement module with pixels up to 256x192

2、Pixel size 12μm, thermal sensitivity (NETD): ≤60mK (@25℃, F#=1.1)

3、Non-contact personnel temperature measurement, accuracy: ±0.3°C (target temperature 30°C~50°C)

4、Built-in black body, automatic correction, no fear of the influence of complex environment on thermal imaging temperature measurement

5、Comes with accurate facial temperature measurement algorithm, not affected by surrounding high temperature environment

6、Human body temperature measurement distance: 1m~4m

7、1080P HD visible light image sensor, clearer picture

8、Deep intelligent learning algorithm can detect and measure temperature of 20 people at the same time

9、Maximum output frame rate:

Visible light:1920x1080@25fps

Thermal Imaging:256x192@25fps

10、HDMI output video and voice broadcast, real-time display of the number of passers-by and abnormal temperature.

11、Built-in white light lamp fills light, it can be used normally at night

12、Built-in EMMC storage, can keep 100,000 temperature measurement records, can use tools to export data to PC

13、Provide formal institution calibration certificate.

Packing list:

  • 1pc*Face Recognition Camera
  • 1pc*user manual
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