JideTech New Highway PTZ Laser Security camera (LC008)

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JideTech New Highway PTZ Laser Security camera (LC008)

The PTZ uses a combination of camera, PTZ, decoder, protective cover, wiper, automatic heater, window defrost/defogging, and sunshade
High-strength aluminum alloy precision casting shell, strong wind resistance, smooth operation, ensuring accurate positioning
Using high-end motor, good stability and low noise
Super strong protection ability, protection grade IP66
The voltage stabilizing module is selected to solve the disadvantages of unstable road monitoring  voltage affecting the service life of the product, ensuring low maintenance rate and high stability.

Night vision supplement light:

IR: Using imported array infrared lights, multiple sets ofangles, service life up to 30.000 hours night vision 100~120 meters
White: Using high-intensity dot matrix white light emitting chip, double white light supplementary light, night vision distance is greater than 80 meters
Laser: Can be equipped with telephoto camera 2mp 250mm camera laser night vision distance 1000 meters daytime monitoring distance 2.5 kilometers
HD IP: The PTZ supports mainstream million-digit high-definition integrated movement and high-definition SENSOR to achieve high-delinition image capture. lt is compatible with mainstream high
definition platforms and seamlessly connected. It supports up to 1080P output, supports dual streams and high-definition capture, and supports lE browsing.
SDI HD: The PTZ supports megapixel full HD movement, HD-SDl digital interface output.
lossless mega-digit high-definition images, real-time transmission, no delay, and multiple resolutions adjustable (1080p/60 1080p/30 1080p/25 720p/ 60 720p/30 720p/25)
Coaxial HD: The PTZ supports universal AHD/CVI/TVI coaxial high-definition movement, and also supports coaxial high-definition hard disk video recorder output. The image does not undergo any coding and compression, and the full real-time high-definition picture is coaxially transmitted.

Suitable for urban road monitoring/highway monitoring/railway monitoring/substation monitoring/high-rise building peripheral monitoring/coastal defense monitoring