JideTech 4G High definition explosion-proof deployment Dome Security camera (LC009)

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JideTech 4G High definition explosion-proof deployment Dome Security camera (LC009)

The product adopts a streamlined design, which has the functions of earthquake resistance, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance. The product has an anti fall design, which improves safety. Lithium battery power supply design, fast and convenient installation, The latest design technology can effectively prevent fogging, and is equipped with high-performance infrared lights, with an illumination distance ofover 80 meters.


The product material can be stainless steel material 304 or 316, and the explosion-proof ball machine is used for heat dissipation
Adopting high-strength and high transmittance composite material ball cover, fully meeting the requirements ofexplosion-prooflocations
Support H.265/H.264 video compression encoding
Supports 3D positioning, allowing for quick positioning and capture of targets by selecting them with a mouse frame
Supports 360 ° horizontal rotation, vertical direction -20 ° to 90 
Supports SD card local storage
Adopting high-performance sensors for clear images
Metal body, 360 degree omnidirectional pan tilt
Focusing quickly and accurately, digital wide dynamic
Supports lithium battery power supply, with a power supply duration of 8-10 hours

Suitable for monitoring places such as public security mobile checkpoints, criminal investigations, emergency control, safe cities, 110 law enforcement vehicles, road administration law enforcement vehicles, highway mobile law enforcement, urban management law enforcement, military force mobile monitoring, etc., achieving on-site monitoring, remote law enforcement, command and dispatch.