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JideTech 2MP 4CH Wireless Wifi IP Security Camera NVR System

wifi ip security camera nvr kits 

Local Operation

Necessary Operation: NVR can only be recording and remote access, after perform necessary operations.
Optional Operation: You can decide whether to do this as you like, such as video playback, backup, device operation, etc.

     Necessary Operation
Step 1: Startup
Check the power supply is plugged into an electrical outlet, and turn on the button.Then the power LED should red, and the video will automatic display on the monitor, after several minutes.

wifi ip security camera nvr system

Step 2: Login
(1)Click right mouse button and select “main menu”, log-in menu pops up.
(2)Enter the correct password, default password is 888888.

wifi ip security camera nvr system

Note: Please modify the user password before using the product to protect your privacy.

Password modification: Click “Main menu → System → User → Edit → Enter old password: (888888) → Enable modify password → Enter a new password → Comfirm the new password → click “OK” to save”.

Step 3: Format the hard disk
Only NVR can record after format hard disk.
(1) Right click to login and enter “Main menu → HD manager”.
(2) Select the hard disk, and click “Initialize” button .
(3) The hard disk status would turn on “work”. It’ll display “REC” on each live view channel, and start record.

wifi ip security camera system

Step 4: Network configuration

You can remote access NVR via smart phone or tablet after configure network parameter successful.
(1) Make sure the NVR is connected to a router or switch with ethernet cabel for access internet. Click the “Main menu → Maintenance → System information”, If the P2P status is “on”, the network configuration is okay. Otherwise please perform the following step.
(2) Enter into“Main menu → System → Network” menu.
(3) Select“DHCP”, and click “save” button, it’ll request IP address from the DHCP server automatically

wifi ip security camera system

Optional Operation

(1) Video playback
Steps: Click “Main menu → Login → Playback → select singal or multi channel playback mode → select channel → select date → double click to start to record”.

wifi ip security camera system

(2) Video backup
Steps: Insert U disk to USB interface → Right click to select Main menu → login →select backup → select channel → set starting time and ending time→click “Search”button→select the record → select or create new file → click “Backup” button to backup record.

wifi ip security camera system

(3) Add camera
Add or replace wireless camera, please fellow the steps below.
a) Power the camera and connect camera to NVR with ethernet cable, then wait 1.5minutes for camera startting up.
b) Click “Main menu → Login → Channel → channel management” window, delete offline camera which status is in the Added device list.
c) Click ”Search” button, select unadded device(not marked green), then click “Add” button and “save” button.
d) Return the live view window, right click “WIFI settings”, then it’ll tip set successful in the bottom right corner.
e) Unplug the camera cable, enter channel management window again after 30 seconds, repeat search and add device which has not been added steps again.
f) Click “save” button to finish adding. The new camera video would display in the live view window.

wifi ip security camera system

(4) Channel management function
Channel settings:add or delete camera.
OSD settings:set name or title to camera.
Encode settings: show the camera Coding parameters,such as resolution,bit rate, frame rate,etc., besides, you can change it here.
Motion detection: turn motion detecting on or off, and set the detection area as well as it’s sensitivity.
Channel name: modify NVR channel name, the default name is CH1~CH4.
Image Effects: modify camera brightness, hue, Saturation, and Contrast.