JideTech Fourth Quarter Target Launching Conference in 2019

          September 22, 2019, is the day when JideTech Company ushered in the fourth quarter of 2019 to launch the conference. The conference was held solemnly at the Vienna Hotel (Longhua Central Store). All the leaders and employees of all departments of the company were present. Several special guests were invited to attend our summary of the work in the last quarter and the next quarter Goal planning.

    In the morning, we arranged a course drill for desert gold digging. The host was our teacher Wu. Before the start of the activity, the company members were divided into six groups. Special guests were led by a member of the company to form a group. There were seven groups in total. Each group gave 500 yuan to the company's finance as the final reward and punishment of the game. 

      Then Mr. Wu will tell us the rules and matters needing attention, and assign roles to each group, including CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, material custodian, shareholders, spokesperson, cashier accountant, etc. After the assignment of roles, we started the preparatory process before the event.

        At the end of half an hour, we started to simulate it. The result was not very ideal, but it didn't matter. After all, it was just a pre-match drill. Everyone quickly made a series of changes to their itinerary plan. Then there was the real desert gold rush. Activities went on in an orderly manner. Basically all the teams were all in the team. Successfully returned to the base camp.

         This is a very logical thinking activity. You must have clear goals, reasonable itinerary and material planning, and a keen insight into key information in order to match your results with your earlier goals. Everyone has benefited a lot from this activity and summarized it one by one. I believe that our partners will get better results in the next quarter through this activity. The morning activity was almost over here, and it was lunchtime, so the lunch break began.

         An hour and a half later, our rest will be over and the start of the conference will officially begin.

       Firstly, the company members came in and clapped one by one with the company directors. They signed in and received the "winning scarf" and took their seats in turn. Then, the chairman introduced the activities. The chairman came on stage to give us an opening speech and announce the beginning of the conference. Then, the teams of each department came up and shouted the slogan of the team name and introduced the team. Full of passion, high fighting spirit, magnificent momentum, the scene is very shocking.

          After all the members took their seats, videos of the predecessors who had contributed to the company were shown on the big screen. Then the chairman came on stage to speak on the "Fourth Quarter Sales Start Conference" and issued a certificate for the sales champion in August.

Next comes the climax of the start of the conference. Every team goes to the stage one by one to vote on the team, break the target board and drink strong drinks. Then there is the team PK and the individual PK link. The scene is very lively.

Before we know it, the activity will come to the end. All of us sing together, unity is strength. After measuring the song, the hotel staff were invited to take the photos. Finally, the host announced that the launching ceremony had been completed. Here, our company's launching conference in the fourth quarter of 2019 was successfully completed.